Studying your audience

The Company: 

An online school supplies retailer that does exactly what it says on the tin – sell school books and other scholastic materials needed to make learning run smoothly.

The Challenge: Disconnected data 

Did you know that in the UK, school happens for 39 weeks of the year? That’s 195 days worth of reading, writing and arithmetic. Luckily for this business, it meant that attentive parents were already buying their products on a recurring basis. But it didn’t take long for them to realise that aside from the parents that were already flocking to them, they really had no idea how to acquire new customers at all! As a result they soon saw their growth plateau and decided they needed to hit the books and make a change.

A passing mark just wasn’t good enough!

To become best in class they would need to join all their data sources together and use them as a textbook for studying their customers’ behaviour. This way they could be hyper focused with their marketing efforts and promote more of the right products, at the right times for the parents who needed them – as well as understand how to optimise their marketing spend accordingly. 

Our Solution: Customer Segmentation & LTV

Guided by the principle that knowledge is power, we delivered a meaningful way to access and understand the buying behaviours of their customers via the Conjura Platform. With the newfound ability to filter customers according to products purchased, age of children and other factors, we helped this business to identify which segments had the highest lifetime value and were worth focusing their attention on.

Customer analytics also allowed for better decisions on which stock to prioritise pushing going into their peak selling period and with basket analysis reporting, the company was able to create bundle discounts that would improve margins and returns.

The Result: Strategy is now informed by data!

By swotting up on their customers and asking the right questions, the business became a wiz at understanding which customers were most valuable to them and was able to inform their strategy to target more just like them! This resulted in a 35% increase in net revenue year-on-year and an in-depth visibility that would allow them to constantly adapt to their customer’s needs and keep everybody overachieving forever and always.

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Key takeaways:

Net revenue increased by 35% year-on-year

Identified 3 distinct customer cohorts with high Lifetime Value (Customers with younger children were higher value than those with older children)

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