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Case Study

Detoxed Data

After launching in 2018, this vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand quickly went viral with a unique product line focused on wiping acne off the faces of the UK and beyond.


Product range expansion & internationalisation

As an emerging beauty brand that was already dominating its category in the UK, this brand was clearly destined for greatness further afield. Especially as its first product, a facial cleansing bar, was already raking in huge sales and has a dedicated cult following. To capitalise on this momentum, the brand quickly added eight additional products to the line including moisturiser, a purifying tonic, a detox serum and cleansing pads; meaning that they now had significantly more product and customer data to contend with. Not to mention a steadily increasing demand for the original cleansing bar itself! 

How would they convert existing customers into buying more of their products? Which products would hit the spot? The time to grow is now, but how could they ensure that they would deliver what customers wanted in new markets?

First, they would need to get better visibility on their customers’ purchasing behaviour and preferences. With a better understanding of what a high-quality customer looked like for the brand, they would be able to focus their marketing and acquire more look-alike customers who would keep coming back for more!


Finding high value customers and getting to know them

By connecting transaction and marketing data with customer information, the Conjura platform provided this brand with daily, weekly and monthly reports to track key KPIs such as AOV, ROAS, product sales mix. 

This automated and streamlined reporting freed up time previously spent on running manual reports, offering more timely reporting and allowing for more informed decision making. This went on to benefit their new customer acquisition and product mix strategies, ultimately translating into better customer experience and retention.


Immaculate data and flawless product uptake

By optimising their performance analytics, the brand now has an improved visibility over their customers’ purchasing behaviour in the UK. This has led to positively glowing results with an increase in new customers, increase in AOV growth and overall revenue.

Now that they understood their customer’s behaviour as well as their skin, they were in a solid position to replicate this success and scale far and wide into new markets!


of customer purchasing behaviours


in new customers


in AOV growth & overall revenue

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